These are recurring themes in my sculpture work over the past thirty years. Mudslides, floods, fires, and tornados caused by global warming, the disintegration of cities left behind by economic decline, and wars are the most current themes reflected in my work. The material, means and methods I use are to convey my message of loss. 

My materials are a combination of wood, foam, charcoal, acrylic, metal, dirt and screening. I cut, form and shape story telling images, sometimes incorporating found objects to create these three dimensional sculptures. 

The means are my response to the disastrous erosion of my childhood neighborhood in Detroit. 

My deep loss is the driving impetus and inspiration for my work. As an artist I feel compelled to address the themes of displacement and loss that many have felt as a result of economic decline, global warming and war.

Bombed Out, 2017

Bombed Out, 2017

“Brooklyn artist, Sandra Osip, creates mixed media sculptures reminiscent of modern-day dystopian wastelands such as old-school Detroit and the catastrophic destruction in Aleppo. Her three-dimensional assemblages act as a political call to arms and also express the beauty and poignant nostalgia of decay.”
- Scott Ogden, Shrine Gallery

"Powerful work" 
 - Marilyn Symms, Curator
   (former curator at Rutgers)

"Oh my goodness. These are terrific."  
 - Anne Pagel,
  curator for the Duncan collection, Lincoln NE