I visited my childhood neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan and to my disbelief my house was no longer standing; neither was the corner store where I bought my penny candy, nor my friend’s house down the street, nor the empty lot I used to ice skate on. This is now an empty wasteland and overgrown by nature. The day after my visit the news reported that a block away from where I lived they found two decomposing bodies. The news stated at least a dozen bodies in twelve months have been found in this abandoned and neglected part of the city. Much of the east side of Detroit where I attended high school consists of decayed and destroyed homes; the surrounding lots filled with rubbish.

Many of my fond memories have now vanished.  The decayed homes and buildings and overgrown lots replace memories of my childhood. Affected deeply by these images it became the driving impetus and inspiration for my Broken Dreams work.

My earlier work focuses on objects that were once important in our lives but have been cast aside and neglected, becoming fertile ground for nature.  Squeezing up through cement and growing from decay, nature reclaims barren and neglected environments. Despite man’s impact and alterations of our world, nature endures.